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Tesla Drag Race The Grand Tour Trailer

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leo prior
2 Jahre zuvor

The thing is but in the Audi could do it all day where the electric car would over heat

george mini 4wd racer
2 Jahre zuvor

Tesla model x: omewa mou shindeiru audi r8:nani?!,tominiderpi

Wafi 31
2 Jahre zuvor

No engine no life if my car is 10 second slower than Tesla I still love my car because my car got proper engine!!!

2 Jahre zuvor

This is duplicate video

2 Jahre zuvor


Angus Chandler
3 Jahre zuvor

The whole time I watch a model X drag race, I forget that it's an SUV

Micah Tapia
3 Jahre zuvor

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Ali Khoobiary
3 Jahre zuvor

I'd commit suicide if I was the owner of that R8 after this. A 7 seater? f*** thats***

Dominik Arpáš
3 Jahre zuvor

You should use launchcontrol in audi

Tezla 2013
3 Jahre zuvor

I'm surprised he didn't lie and say it ran out of battery after that

3 Jahre zuvor

I love Jeremy

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